Sheet Harbour Consolidated School



Cafeteria will start on Monday, January 30th.  Please place the order in a baggie with what your child(ren) would like on a piece of paper with their name on it and the exact change when possible.  The monthly cafeteria calendar will go home this week. 

School Milk:

Students wishing to order white milk or chocolate milk can do so tomorrow, January 24th.  Please put your child(ren)’s milk money in a separate bag from the cafeteria orders.

White 2% Milk:  $0.40
Chocolate Milk:  $1.00


Recess snacks can be purchased from our recess cart starting tomorrow, January 24th.  These snacks are provided by the PTA.  Please keep this money separate from the school milk and the cafeteria orders.

Floor Hockey:

There will be no Floor Hockey tomorrow.