Sheet Harbour Consolidated School



It is time again for the annual library fund-raising war known as the "Coin Campaign".  This is part of an annual campaign organized by Tattletales bookstore in Dartmouth.  The money we raise will all come back to our school, supplemented by money raised by the store from business donations.  Tattletales also gives schools a 20% discount on books - so the money we raise stretches a long way.  Last year we raised $484.00, which made for $677.60 worth of books added to our library, over and above the annual budget from the school board!

The rules for our Coin Campaign are:

- each coin is worth its value in points.

- any small coins such as pennies, nickels, dimes or quarters will add points.

- any loonies or toonies (...or bills, or cheques!) will subtract points.

- Coins that are appropriately rolled will earn/subtract an extra 100 points per roll!

(The idea is to add the smaller coins to your own class' bottle and loonies or toonies to rival class' bottles.)

On March 23, 29, 30 and April 5, at recess and lunch time, there will be bottles in the library labeled with each class' name.  At the end the class with the most points will win the honour of winning, and a small prize/privilege.  And the library gets to buy more books!

So bring in your coins and start the fun!